3 years ago

Sidney Visit

Poles Near the Dock
I’ve returned this week to some shots that I took on my New Year visit to Sidney, B.C.
At this time I’ve a bit of a technical glitch in that my computer, due to it’s age, will not allow me to download NEF Nikon Raw files so I can only work with JPEG which limits my processing.
However I’ve still been having fun working these with Nik Software but miss my Dodge and Burn program.
This image was one I totally screwed up when I took it.  It was overexposed and the white balance was off, among other things.  I’m not sure where my head was but there was still something there I wanted to release from the image that I felt was there.  ( If I remember correctly I was rushing to Starbucks to get a real coffee at about 6:30 in the morning rather than what was available at my mother’s residence.)
I fudged some cloning to rid the image of a gantry and then worked it to get the poles isolated and a reflection below them in the water.  I’m going to think some more about this one!
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