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a couple of years ago

Street Stories

I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to head to the downtown core to prepare for a field trip for my photography students. There were so many stories¬†happening, These shots were taken from a LRT platform as I observed the people passing by on the other side of the tracks. ¬†Each seemingly in […]

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Sidney Visit

Poles Near the Dock I’ve returned this week to some shots that I took on my New Year visit to Sidney, B.C. At this time I’ve a bit of a technical glitch in that my computer, due to it’s age, will not allow me to download NEF Nikon Raw files so I can only work […]

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Experimenting with the Nikon D750

This is a selection of shots I took between December 15th and January 11th while experimenting with my new acquisition,: a full frame 24 mega pixel semi-pro/pro camera.  The learning curve from Canon  to Nikon was, is and continues to be steep. Going Home Vermillion Lake January 11th chasing this snowshoer before he got out […]

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Bus to Nanton

Shooting through the window of a moving bus is challenge at the best of times.  Secondly it was a challenge to shoot the same shots of foggy landscape.  The trifecta was the reflections in the bus window  and vignetting from pressing the lens to the window.  Not really knowing what I would get I was […]

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