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Art Verses Representational Photgraphy

Art Verses Representational Photography How does a photographer push through the “documentation/representational” verses “interpretation” quandary of photography; this is a contentious question within many photography groups. Therefore it begs the query as to what photographers need to develop, to create a personal style/skill, as an “artist. Would an art photograph win a “photo contest”; a […]

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May Trees, Snow and Crows

 Snow and Yet More Snow May snow requires rubber boots and not runners as I discovered on Saturday.  The city was gloriously blanketed by a spring storm which motivated a trudge through the park looking for “the” picture.  After a few throw away shots my attention was captured by the cawing of two crows at […]

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Looking Aheadl Part II

Horizontal Mornings I have been directed by a higher force it seems, to look towards the distance.  Perhaps this is an indication that I am still heading forward and the future is yet to unfold. Or perhaps, I just like horizons! Whatever the motivation here are a few offerings from my current “mission”. The Horizontal […]

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Looking Ahead

My Horizontal Period Nosehill Sundown Frank Lake Spring #1 Frank Lake Spring #2 Man Facing West A Baker View, Sidney Morning Miyagi Morning Road to Waterton Alberta Sky Pender Beach Winter in April Sun Kissed Mountains Nosehill Evening Cows on the Horizon Waiting  on Waikiki Thomas the Tank Engine: RIP Waterton View

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Banff@Night After an evening at the Banff Mountain Film Festival I took the long way back along Tunnel Mountain Drive to try to get some night shots of the Banff Springs Hotel.  The smoke coming off the hotel didn’t seem to work, but these shots came out better.  Tripod, long exposure and frozen hands were […]

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