3 years ago

Bus to Nanton

Shooting through the window of a moving bus is challenge at the best of times.  Secondly it was a challenge to shoot the same shots of foggy landscape.  The trifecta was the reflections in the bus window  and vignetting from pressing the lens to the window.  Not really knowing what I would get I was first a bit disappointed and then with a bit of time in Nik Software I worked to see what I could get out of the images.

I decided to use Nik Color Efex Pro and develop them in a semi painting style. After a few tries a tweaks I still had to use some dodge and burn to get rid of reflections as well as the vignetting. I then left the grain to ameliorate the effect, as well as using some graduated shading/lightening in the final product.

These are shots I  processed for myself and know my camera club would not appreciate the style and amount of negative space I left.  I was searching for the mood that had drawn me to shoot through the window into the fog.  🙂

Ghost Bales # 1

Ghost Bales # 2

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