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Experimenting with the Nikon D750

This is a selection of shots I took between December 15th and January 11th while experimenting with my new acquisition,: a full frame 24 mega pixel semi-pro/pro camera.  The learning curve from Canon  to Nikon was, is and continues to be steep.

Going Home

Vermillion Lake January 11th chasing this snowshoer before he got out of range.  ( I didn’t feel right yelling at him and asking him to pose from my camera) I wanted to capture him with the mountains in the late afternoon light before his head blended into the trees but he was too fast.

ISO 100 120mm f/4 1/320 sec

Little Town of Banff
A none typical shot of Cascade mountain from the back ally behind Harmon Mall.  Used a high  detail extraction program as well as polaroid effect to bring out an “illustrative” image.

ISO 100 100mm f/4 1/160 sec
Lake Minnewanka Boat Launch Raft

Every time I drive up to the lake I try to shoot from a different angle/perspective.  This was from mid way across the dam. The limited color of the snow and mountains was only accented by the slight color in the boat house and the blue “tint” under the clouds where they met the mountains. I was attracted to the balance I saw in the scene.
ISO 100  24mm f/10  1/200 sec

Ghost Trees
Shot along the beach drive just outside of the town center in Sidney, B.C. the three bare trees caught my eye.  I reversed the car and backed into a motel parking lot to get the image. It was early in the morning and foggy. Processing was with Nik Silver FX to work the effect. The  plan is to  go back and shoot this exact shot in other conditions  ( it rained and was foggy the entire time on this trip) to create a contrasting tryptic of the scene
ISO 2500  52mm f/4 1/500 sec

Beam Across the Lake

Shot in -17C with a wind gusting to 60kph this was bone chilling. The beam was my car lights gave the shot a surreal Twilight Zone/X Files effect rather than a “plain” shot.  I am going to try more night time shots using a strong light/headlight to produce a similar effect. Mind you the cold air combined with fine blowing snow made it work.
ISO 3200 24mm f/9  30 sec

Winter Shadows

Really can’t say too much about this one.  I wanted to see how the camera would work with snow shots in challenging light conditions.
ISO 1600 98mm f/11  1/500 sec
Canmore Sleeps

Shot under slightly less wind than the upper lake it was still -17C.  I was seeing what I could get as far as stars and town without the light pollution of the valley having too great effect and blowing out the stars. Used a number of processes on this one including a Polaroid setting.
ISO 3200 24mm f/4.5  6 sec

Danby Redux

This is a non-posed shot I have taken a number of times at a friends cabin in the woods.  The Ken Danby print in the frame and the old skates with the Montreal Canadians glove on it begged to be captured. Processed with Nik Silver FX and saturated the glove as it was a black and white processing
ISO 1600 58mm f/4 1/10 sec


I will now admit that I did bait the gulls with bread crumbs that my mother had brought for feeding. I did however get one good shot after the last  crumb hit the ground. I’m sure this will disqualify me from any of my camera club contest but I still like it.
ISO 200  24mm f8 1/500 sec
Ha Ling, Canmore
Cloud Burst

It was dark and cold on this shoot believe me. My chemical hand warmers didn’t heat up till I was driving home.  Even in live view I couldn’t tell what was in my frame so I had to reshoot a couple of times.  Ha Ling has to be one of my favorite mountains.  The other day a friend of mine hiked up at night and got a beautiful image looking over the top ridge towards the town nights.  Wish I had a good knee and snow shoes!

ISO 3200 24mm f/9 30 sec

Looking Back

Following a Christmas-eve dog sled ride we were drinking hot apple cider and I wandered down to the lake and saw this beautifully framed shot of the weather above the mountain. with a tweak in contrast and saturation this image creates how I feel in the mountains; always amazed and in wonder.
ISO 50 120mm f5 1/1000 sec
Rear View

ISO 50  120mm f4  1/80 sec
Do you know what you see a lot of if you’re riding in a dog sled?  The perspective is not what most would capture but these animals were magnificent.
Through the Window

ISO 400 24mm f/7.1  1/400sec
Shot through a stained glass window in the Chateau Lake Louise on a quick tour through the hotel.
Around the Corner

ISO 100 33mm f/9.9 1/125 sec


ISO 400 24mm f 2.8  1/30 sec.


ISO 100  50mm  f1.4  1/100 sec

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